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Letter: Democrats don’t hate America; they just have different ideas on the issues
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I’d like to respectfully respond to the letters from Gary Gambrell and Curtis Corkern in this paper from the past week attacking Democrats. Some comments made were that Democrats hate America. The bulk of Democrats only care about enriching themselves. Lying is the official policy of Democrats. Barack Obama gutted the military. Debt more than doubled. Dems mismanaged the Iraq and Afghan wars. And so on. Logic cannot beat emotion in a political discussion but I’ll try and throw out some facts. 

America: I’m a conservative Democrat after being a Republican most of my life, and I love America. For instance, I would rather forgo the 1.3 percent tax savings on my income from the Republican tax plan than see my country sink $1.5 trillion further into debt. 

Money: The Koch brothers and President Donald Trump are getting a windfall from the new tax law but Mr. Corkern stated that the bulk of Democrats only care about enriching themselves. I know Republicans enriching themselves by not claiming the cash income from their businesses which qualifies them for Obamacare subsidies that they exploit. They drive expensive cars, have beautiful houses and boats on the lake. Mr. Gambrell or Mr. Corkern cast a wide net with their accusations but I doubt they know a single Democrat like that.

Military: The military budget under Obama averaged $665 billion per year, higher than any Republican president. The military was “gutted” in 2013 by 5.7 percent due to the Budget Control Act of 2011’s sequestration provision, passed by a Republican House, which caused the automatic spending cut. 

Foreign wars: Before Obama became president, the U.S. had already spent close to $1 trillion on the invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) under George W. Bush. By the time Obama became president in 2009, the U.S. had been there eight years. That is two years longer than World War II. And Democrats mismanaged the wars, Mr. Gambrell? 

Debt: Obama was elected as the United States was diving in the Great Recession. Tax revenue was down and fiscal stimulus created four years of large $1 trillion-plus deficits. However, now, the economy is on a huge upswing and there is no excuse for more trillion-dollar deficits as projected for this year and next. It was a heart wrenching disappointment to me that Sen. Rand Paul could not talk sense into Congress about fiscal responsibility. Our $500 billion per year interest on the national debt may climb and swamp us with interest rates poised to rise due to the new tax plan’s fiscal stimulus.

Lying: “I won’t have time for golf.” “The audience was the biggest ever.” Let’s just not go there.

Our great country dominates the world economically and militarily however there are weaknesses. Congress cannot control it’s spending now that Republicans too are disregarding the deficit. Plus, we are divided in half, attacking each other, as evidenced by the letters of Mr. Corkern and Mr. Gambrell and what we see on TV. 

If North and South Korea, dare I say, can come together during the Olympics, maybe we can change and have some civil discussions also if we turn off the news channels. My best to Mr. Gambrell and Mr. Corkern.

Patrick Anderson


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