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Letter: Democrats deserve stinging rebuke at ballot box after Kavanaugh hearing
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh arrives Sept. 27, 2018, to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

Like many readers of The Times, I was appalled and disturbed by the last 90 days of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the latest Supreme Court nominee. 

The minority Democrats on that committee launched a savage rhetorical assault on Judge Kavanaugh and they mercilessly exploited professor Christine Blasey Ford in a way that made one flinch. 

I was therefore heartened by Sen. Susan Collins’ address from the Senate floor Oct. 5. She presented, in one half hour, an exposition that brought clarity and reason to bear in a way that had been absent from public discourse over an exhausting three months. It will probably be remembered as Sen. Collins’ finest hour, and it should be. 

As for the minority members of the Judiciary Committee and their party (which remained silent throughout their outrageous behavior), you as a voter can either endorse or repudiate them. And you will shortly have the vehicle to do so. I refer to the midterm elections for Congress on November 6th.

For my part, I think these miscreants who sought to subvert a constitutional process for their narrow political agenda should receive a richly deserved and stinging rebuke at the ballot box. 

Bob Boyd, Murrayville