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Letter: Democrats are focused on politics, not solutions
02092018 WHITE HOUSE

As I watch and read the news it causes me great concern. Black unemployment is at an all-time low, blue-collar wages increasing, along with crummy bonuses, stock market at a level unthinkable a year ago, housing booming, a general air of optimism not seen in eight years and an economy unhobbled by the elimination of choking regulation. 

However, we see the Democrats sitting in their little camp at the State of the Union like a bunch of frozen toads with not even the decency to respect our troops, much less their president. They have apparently taken on the dubious duty as the “resistance.”

In the upcoming election, I would suggest the GOP candidates make Rep. Nancy Pelosi their poster person with emboldening letters on their campaign signs simply saying “Do you want two or four more years of this?”

I am convinced the Democratic Party is not the least interested in the welfare of our country. Their great concern is consumed totally by their lust for control, supplemented by their gross contempt for any conservative idea or person. It is all about them and their leftist agenda. If they would use the energy they spend now on trying to boot President Donald Trump out of the White House instead on solving problems we fail to effectively deal with, we would see an amazing difference in a host of things.

The Obama legacy, complicity with the party and the media, has been responsible for the majority of our problems. Here are a few:

  • Debt more than doubled while President Barack Obama was steering the ship and what did we buy for it?
  • The military was gutted.
  • Marriage was mocked.
  • The immigration “can” was kicked down the road to mass confusion and disunity.
  • They coddled and encouraged outlaw elements — black lives matter but babies’ lives don’t.
  • They damaged our respect around the world that Trump is struggling to redeem.
  • They failed to deal with North Korea and got taken for a sucker by Iran.
  • They screwed up our medical coverage with Obamacare.
  • They mismanaged the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which caused deaths and injuries to thousands of our troops and civilians.
  • They led a corrupt Department of Justice and a tarnished FBI.
  • They meddled in the Mideast with disastrous results and the Russian distraction.

These are a few Democrat-born plagues. It is very sad to see them refusing to accept any blame but saddest of all to see them refusing to help provide any remedies.

Gary Gambrell


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