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Letter: Delta’s stance on NRA caters to left, should spark boycotts
02282018 DELTA

I was employed by Delta Air Lines for 31 years and served under C. E. Woolman, Charlie Dolson and Dave Garrett. Each of them were men of character. I don’t believe any of those men would have made the uninformed and illogical decision to take a stance against the members of the National Rifle Association.

If I had the chance to speak to those members of the NRA I would encourage them to boycott Delta and United. I would encourage them to vote with their travel dollars for corporations that choose to support the Constitution and it’s amendments.

This goes for other companies that pander to the political left instead of encouraging solutions to the problems that cause these shootings.

President Donald Trump has outlined several steps to solving the problem and it is time for everyone, NRA included, to come to the table and act.

Tom Day


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