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Letter: David Ralston must go and should be disbarred and charged, too
05152018 SAFETY 3.JPG
Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge - photo by Nick Bowman

Finally, the editors (and I assume the management of The Times) have the courage to step forward and say that a corrupt politician needs to resign. I am referring to your editorial in the April 28 issue saying that David Ralston, the speaker of the House is corrupt and needs to go.

To say that he needs to go is an understatement.

As reported, he has used his power as speaker to delay almost 1,000 cases in the in the courts. The old axiom "Justice delayed is justice denied" is especially true in this case.

Ralston's use of delaying tactics in the courts is reprehensible. He should not only resign, but he should be disbarred and charged with obstruction of justice. If found guilty of obstruction, he should serve jail time.

And while The Times is calling for the removal of a corrupt Republican politician, maybe it is time to use a few barrels of printers ink to call for the removal of Donald Trump.

Howard Stacy


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