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Letter: Data shows we are polluting less in the US

In regards to Dr. Catherine Linsky's opinion piece, “Caring for all creation should unite everyone,” on The Times opinion page Friday, March 29:

Dr. Linsky, referring to those of us who live in North Georgia, offers that “ the environmental issues keep growing larger” and “massive tide of (environmental) problems” and “our businesses pollute the rivers” and “we live environmentally careless lives.”

Google, Dr. Linsky, Google!

Some 1.5 billion people do not have electricity in their lives. They burn wood, dung and charcoal for heat. An additional 1 billion people have some access to electricity but still use wood and charcoal for heat and to cook their food. These folks, not typically people in the USA, are causing a lot of air pollution. In the USA, since 1970, carbon monoxide pollution has been reduced by 70 percent. In the Atlanta metro area from 2007 to 2011 a pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, which is a benchmark for pollution in general, has been reduced by 42 percent.

Googling further — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Bangladesh have air pollution in 84 to 108 parts per million. In the USA, our rating is 13 times better than Saudi Arabia and 10 times better than Bangladesh at only 8 parts per million. Chinese cities are in the 500 parts per million category. The USA is 62.5 times less air polluted than Chinese cities.

So, before you supplant your environmental religion into the religion of North Georgia Christians, I'd suggest you let the real facts of pollution take you (by pollution-free sailboat) to China or India or Saudi Arabia where you can do some good.  Go stir their kids up into a guilty frenzy.

Happy Earth Day.

Rick Frommer


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