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Letter: Congress should be held to same wasteful spending standard as Price
10022017 USCAPITOL

Tom Price is a good man and was an excellent congressman. I assume he was doing a reasonable job on the Cabinet. However, he used some very poor judgement and has paid for it in a very harsh way, as he should.

Although President Donald Trump does not put up with abusing taxpayer money, who watches over Congress doing the same thing. I would suspect if every member of Congress had their travel, expense accounts, fact-finding junkets, speaking trips for fund risers, etc., investigated with the same detail Price was examined, that anywhere from 75 to 85 percent of them would be equality guilt or more guilty than he was for wasting tax payer money. 

I do recall several articles about Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who as speaker used large military planes to fly back and forth to California, loaded with family, friends, contributors and plenty of expensive food and liquor on numerous occasions. I am sure that was the rule, not the exception.

I compliment the president for actions with his Cabinet; we will never see Congress investigate and punish their peers the same way. Another reason they have a 10 percent approval rating among all voters.

Frank Frederick


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