Hall County students return to in-person school next week
Students in the Hall County system, excluding those who elected to take online school, will return to in-person class for all five days next week, beginning Monday, Jan. 25.
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Letter: Community shares its blessings in the true spirit of Thanksgiving
11192017 DINNER 0001.jpg
Carol Wright and her great-grandson Nickolas Olvera accept food from volunteers during the Latin American Missionary Program Ministries' annual Thanksgiving dinner at Triunfantes De Jesucristo Church in Gainesville, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. - photo by David Barnes

Though I live alone since my wife passed three years ago, I don’t feel alone because of the blessing of God working through other people.

The wonderful people I work with in Lula city government and the people who elected me for another term to be their councilman all continue to support me in so many ways. I want to thank so many people far and near for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinners they brought to me. Some of the greatest joy and happiness of the day came from the phone calls and personal visits from wonderful people and friends. They showed me the real meaning of Thanksgiving

I thank God for my parents for their foundation and their sacrifice for me, for wonderful friends and for a wonderful married life of 64« years. And I’m thankful for the number of wonderful people from different walks of life, situations and needs we were able to help to make a better way on their journey through life. It has been a blessing and wake-up call of one’s worth in life.

May I continue to remember where I came from and where in life I am now, and who helped me to get there.

Mordecai Wilson


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