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Letter: Communism finds new way to infiltrate American life
Members of the Democratic Socialists of America protest Aug. 19, 2017, in front of the Confederate monument in downtown Gainesville. - photo by David Barnes

About 20 years ago, I applied for a job as a voter registrar for a local county office. I remember I had to sign a small slip of paper that said, “I solemnly swear I am not a member of the Communist Party.” I thought it was odd signing and remembering the tragedy that took the life of Larry McDonald when he flew over Russia. 

I studied about communist goals and what made it such a concern in America. One of those goals was to form student riots to foment public protests. Then we look today to a group called antifa destroying property and protesting. Among the goals of the communists was to discredit American culture, remove prayer in schools and do away with loyalty oaths. 

After all, taking a knee during the national anthem, refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and the current removal of prayer in school couldn’t be any evidence of that. Of course, communism was so widely unpopular in America it would not be accepted at all today. Not without clever repackaging, however. The newest phrases come with progressive and socialism. The rebranding of murderer Che Guevara into T-shirts and culture along with Maoist culture in handbags advertised by Hollywood.

Of course, socialism has some great appeal with all the free stuff it offers the youth of today. Free education, free health care. Perish the thought of who pays for that free stuff; after all, it’s for the better good. I seem to remember a car called the Volkswagen also known as the “people’s car.” The goal of postwar Germany was for everyone to have a car though the German people could not afford it. The promise of socialism is equality and everyone being as equally miserable as everyone else. In order to keep such policies going, you have to have a stringent government to enforce it. 

Georgia would be quick to condemn communism. One of the communist party’s goals was to manipulate and control the press. That could not be possible at all. That is, until a group calling themselves the Democratic Socialists of America arrived. They felt it was their duty to protest a monument in Gainesville’s town square.

How could the socialist movement get free publicity and control the narrative? Simply protest and draw attention to themselves. Interrupt sporting events, whether its NFL, baseball, basketball or local school games. We now live in a world where selfies focus on you and the latest fad is to grab attention by slamming America.

Communism has fully blossomed under a different name and is being served up in Georgia with a side of grits. 

Barry Colbaugh


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