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Letter: Collins avoids the real truth about economy in letter
11302017 ECONOMY

I received a letter Saturday, mailed at taxpayer expense, from our congressional representative, Doug Collins. The obvious goal of the letter is to keep Collins' name in front of the voters as well as to make it appear the Republican party knows how to govern. Nothing could be further from the truth. To take a few examples from Collins’ letter:

He states “After eight years of failed economic policies ... etc.” I would like to point out to Collins that the economic situation that President Barack Obama inherited was called the financial crisis of 2008. It was Obama and the Democratic party who bailed out the financial industry and saved the Big Three auto makers from bankruptcy (among others). What Donald Trump inherited was a sound financial system. There was nothing “failed” about it.

He states “.... the House (of Representatives) has put its nose to the grindstone to pass 337 bills as of Oct. 6, 64 of which the president has signed into law.” My calculation is that only 19 percent of the work of the House effort has resulted in any laws reaching the final stage. Think about that. This means 81 percent of the time that the Republicans are wasting taxpayer dollars on legislation that will not make it through the Republican-controlled Senate and get signed into law by the Republican president.

Rep. Collins should see the political light. The American public wants universal health care and a political system that works to address real problems. They don’t want legislators who grandstand by sending out letters with falsehoods or presidents that send out tweets that call foreign leaders “Rocket-Man.”

Howard A. Stacy


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