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Letter: Climate change isn't partisan, it's science

This past Friday, June14, a writer to the editor on climate change included several misleading comments or arguments that require clarification.

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. It is the search for truth, which is neither Republican nor Democratic in nature.

One of the writers’ complaints was what they claimed was a lack of support for the existence of man-caused climate change. If one needs clarification please feel free to Google any of the following scientific organizations and read their findings on the cause of climate change:

American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Geophysical Society, American Medical Association, American Meteorological Society, US Academy of Sciences and Global Change Research Program. This is just a partial list. For a more complete list of American organizations or societies, please refer to, and for a list of international organizations, please refer to

The writer of the article also used an increase in population to explain why storms seem worse now than in the past. Granted, a larger U.S. population with the storm of the same intensity that occurred 50 years ago will result in greater damage. However, the number and intensity of storms has not remained constant.

If one chooses to Google, one could easily find evidence of climate change by researching the following topics:

1. Global temperatures have been rising since the 19th century, with the greatest rise in the last 35 years

2. Warming ocean temperatures.

3. Shrinking ice sheets.

4. Glacial retreat.

5. Decreased snow cover.

6. Sea level rise.

7. Decline in Artic sea ice.

8. More extreme events such as the number of fires in the West, the amount of rainfall in the East, etc.

9. Ocean acidification.

10. The rise of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (a major greenhouse gas) since the beginning of the industrial revolution, which has been the cause of 1-9.

The bottom line, climate change is not a Democratic fake news story to generate news. It is scientific fact. Again, facts are not Democratic nor Republican.

Finally, let’s pretend that it was all made up, why would one not want to reduce both air pollution or water pollution that are caused greatly by the release of greenhouse gases? For some of us, even if this were all made up, our children and grandchildren would have a cleaner Earth than what we currently find.

I would encourage everyone to research this for themselves and use scientific organizations as their source of information to search instead of any political party. Thank you.

Barry Kyrklund

Flowery Branch

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