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Letter: Carbon fee, dividend plan needed to clean waterways
09242017 WATER 1.jpg
Rainwater drains into Lake Lanier in May 2017. - photo by Nick Bowman

I want to start a public conversation and share information about the Environmental Protection Agency that is responsible for cleaning up the nation’s most contaminated properties and waterways, among other things. One of its top managers, Barry Breen, told Congress in January that the government needs to plan for the ongoing threat posed to Superfund sites from climate change in spite of the present administration’s reduction in funds, staffing and belief that climate change is a hoax. A Superfund was created to deal with cleanup of thousands of contaminated sites across the U.S. that contain hazardous waste.

The point is our “sick” waterways, especially in Georgia, need and must be cleaned up, for present and future use. This includes Georgia’s multibillion-dollar tourism, agriculture and fish industries. All are affected and if they are not healthy, eventually neither are we.

This can be solved with the Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan as proposed by the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends that is currently supported by a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus now numbering 70. That’s right, even conservatives are on board and more are realizing the danger of inaction.  

It’s not complicated: Polluters are fined, the carbon fee and the net funds (after administrative costs) are distributed to legitimate households, which is the dividend.

We can and must do this. What’s the alternative?

Bonny Herman

Young Harris

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