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Letter: Can US survive 3 more years of Trump’s excesses?
01022018 WHITE HOUSE
The White House, Washington, D.C. - photo by Associated Press

Surely 2017 has to rank as one of the most bizarre years in presidential politics in our nation’s history. Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2016 was highly portentous, but there was some hope that the weight of the office would moderate his behavior.

 Unfortunately, Trump’s presidency has now become extremely worrisome to a majority of Americans. How can he be the moral leader of our nation when continually engaging in misrepresentations and self-promotion?

His idea of governance seems to be to obliterate anything done by his predecessor, President Barack Obama. He undermines the integrity of our foremost institutions, yet tolerates the actions of the far right in Charlottesville, Va. Apparently, he sees the country as his personal fiefdom, unconcerned with alienating our long-standing allies. 

 His idea of a health plan is to return to the good old days of nonaffordable health insurance. His tax plan is no more than a hodgepodge of measures that gift the rich while adding to our debt. Unconscionably, the GOP lines up behind such legislation. 

 One can only hope that we Americans can withstand this assault on our fundamental beliefs and values. There is reason to be concerned how three more years of Trump will impact this nation.

Jim Grattan


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