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Letter: Atlanta mayor’s actions prove Amazon should move elsewhere
A tract of land known to locals as The Gulch is shown Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, in Atlanta. As Atlanta vies to entice Amazon to build its second headquarters on the site, local leaders are studying a proposal to build a $5 billion project with more than three times the office space of New York’s Empire State Building. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has, with total disregard for U.S. and Georgia laws and the wishes of the taxpaying citizens of Atlanta, signed an executive order declaring Atlanta a “sanctuary city.” There should be a recall vote on Mayor Bottoms. Can she not see what this action has done to other cities?

The legal voters of Georgia deserve to know if Mayor Bottoms fellow Democrat Stacy Abrams will try to make the same move on the whole of Georgia if she is elected governor. Voters should raise the question to her daily.

Since Atlanta is still on Amazon’s short list for HQ2, one must wonder if this was a move to make Atlanta more appealing to liberal Amazon management. Of course, Atlanta has not revealed the extent of the tax, and other breaks, planned to “buy” an Amazon move to Atlanta. Reports of Boston giving Amazon $8.5 billion — yes, billion — in breaks have slipped out. The local taxpayers have to pick up that tab while Amazon pays no taxes and the richest man in the world pays his employees at a level they qualify for food stamps.

I think Amazon should put its HQ2 offices in one of the other 11 cities on their short list, not in Georgia!

John Bryan


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