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Letter: Americans must demand justice for Jamal Khashoggi
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AP Photo/Hasan Jamali Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi speaks during a news conference Feb. 1, 2015, in Manama, Bahrain.

If there is a single thing that makes America great, it is a commitment to justice, within our borders and without. 

History shows the nation stumbled many times in this regard, but we have always righted ourselves and attempted to do the moral thing or correct a past injustice as best we could after the fact — even if it took a hundred years or more.

Today, we are faced with a supreme test: Does America practice what it preaches? 

To illustrate the connection between the United States and Turkey, consider this hypothetical situation: Your daughter is a sales representative who visits a local factory for a meeting with the owner. She is never seen nor heard from again. Her car is found in a nearby lake. The sheriff says he has seen nothing that indicates foul play, and mentions that the factory owner is a hunting buddy and comes from a fine, respected family, and he adds that three of his own relatives work at the factory.

But irrefutable evidence from a private investigator implicates the factory owner: security camera footage, phone signal locator, eyewitness testimony and text message records. 

The sheriff says that there is not much he can do: his friend has “lawyered up.” 

The mayor calls you and commiserates, then requests you think about the hundreds of jobs that hang in the balance if you allow a missing persons report to spiral into a witch hunt.

At this point, would you say to the sheriff: You are right, sir, I understand the importance of those jobs, let’s just wait and see if my daughter doesn’t return on her own, or maybe the owner will remember some detail that will help explain her disappearance.

Or, would you contact the governor and say: This crime will not stand?

Citizens need to relay a message to the Saudi leader, King Salman, the United States will not allow the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi to stand; Prince Mohammed bin Salman must step down. America has closed its door to him.

Anthony C. Murphy


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