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Letter: All kinds of bigotry, even waged against white men, are wrong

Let us, please, cease and desist with the racist and sexist bashing of white men. After all, this nation’s existence is due in part to the efforts of white men.

Behind every slave crying for freedom, every suffragette pleading for the vote and every man, woman or child marching for civil rights there have been generations of white men working toward the opportunity to do the right things. And they continue to do so today.  

Historically, white men have offered their lives, their work, their political careers and their reputations to do what needed to be done for this nation. White men fought and died by the thousands at the battlefields of the Civil War. White men voted for the politicians that filled the halls of Congress. These politicians, themselves white men for most of its history, voted for the changes that ended slavery and later gave to women the right to vote. White men in Congress also voted to offer a promise of civil rights for all.  

Wholesale condemnation of any segment of the population is the hallmark of bigotry. A vile and evil practice, blatant bigotry at least serves to reveal to all the ignorance and intolerance of those who practice it, as it is with those who deem white men the source of all ills.

Vicki Bentley

Flowery Branch

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