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Letter: Abrams' leadership can be better utilized than in a Senate run
Stacey Abrams
Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams - photo by Associated Press

This week, Stacey Abrams announced that she will not run for the U.S. Senate. Since the November election, Leader Abrams has been instrumental in advocating for reforms that will democratize and improve our state’s elections — from proposals for adding more polling places in rural areas like ours to ensuring that absentee ballots are accessible and secure. I’m confident that in her next steps, she will continue to put the people of Georgia first and work with our best interests at heart.

For too many prominent politicians, the allure of national fame overpowers the drive to do what is right, and too many times they seek offices that do not suit their talents. I’m reassured that Leader Abrams, despite overwhelming national pressure, turned down what could have been a very tempting position. She is not suited to being simply 1 out of 100 people — she is a leader in her actions and in her ideas. With her experience working across the aisle and her dedication to setting and executing legislative agendas, she is better suited for an executive position — and her willingness to admit that shows me that she is a true public servant.

With her final decision still pending, I’m confident that ultimately she will make a choice that is best for her skills and for her goals. I urge everyone to support her work and the work of Fair Fight Georgia to secure and improve our state’s elections — important work that impacts all of us, wherever we are in Georgia. I look forward to her decision, and also to working to turn Georgia blue in 2020.

Marisa Pyle


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