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Letter: 10 issues that keep us divided
02012018 LETTER

Politicians often vow to work together in a bipartisan manner for the good of America. Unfortunately, such compromise is jeopardized by at least 10 major differences that divide our nation: 

Abortion vs. life. If you’re against abortion-on-demand, you’re pro-life. If you’re for abortion-on-demand, you’re pro-choice – not pro death – under the guise of “women’s health care.” It’s indisputable that, in nine months or less, childbirth happens most of the time. Even when C-sections are performed five or six months into pregnancies, babies often survive and thrive. Astonishingly, if a mother aborts her child, it’s legal under Roe vs. Wade; but if a mother kills her baby the day after it’s born, it’s murder. 

Same-sex “marriage” vs. traditional marriage. Liberals stressed the importance of “precedence” during the confirmation hearing of Judge Brent Kavanaugh. However, centuries of precedent were ignored when same-sex “marriage” became law during the Obama administration. Alas, God’s original intent was disregarded: every human being comes into this world with a biological father and mother. 

Open borders vs. border security. America is a nation of immigrants, but our laws require legal entry. It’s illegal to ignore these laws while advocating for open borders and sanctuary cities. We’re a sovereign country, not a banana republic. 

Bigger federal government vs. states’ rights. Our founding fathers drafted the 10th amendment of our constitution to offset unrestricted power by the federal government. They’d be aghast at the size of today’s federal bureaucracy. 

Business regulation vs. free enterprise. Excessive federal regulation stifles business growth, which was abysmal during the Obama administration. In less than two years, the economy is roaring since President Trump slashed regulations. 

Tax hikes vs. tax cuts. The Trump tax cuts have created hundreds of new businesses and thousands of new workers. Unemployment is down dramatically and net incomes are up for most people. The stock market is soaring. 

Globalism vs. patriotism. American leadership was weak and disrespected during Obama’s “strategic patience” presidency. Trump’s tougher stance, especially on fair trade and national defense, has put America first and restored lost pride.

Gun control vs. gun ownership. America’s onslaught of mass shootings is heart-breaking. Nevertheless, the 2nd Amendment of our constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms for self-protection and to deter a government takeover. 

Single-payer health insurance vs. free market health care. The VA struggles to provide quality health care to its members. A single-payer health insurance system for every American would be a disaster. It’s unaffordable and, without competition, government health care would be more expensive and inconvenient. 

Socialism vs. capitalism. Some clueless Democrats are championing socialism, a system that has failed repeatedly. Conversely, capitalism is the greatest economic system ever designed – one based on enterprise, not entitlement. Socialism stifles freedom and opportunity. Capitalism offers liberty and prosperity. 

With such a vast divide on these critical issues, the battle between liberalism and conservatism looms as a prolonged, escalating chapter in American history. May we have the wisdom to choose the right path and the courage to follow it.

Dick Biggs