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Our Views: Dishing up a bounty of gratitude
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Lake Lanier is up, unemployment is down. The world has circled the sun another time and we’re still in one piece.

It’s Thanksgiving, and there is so much to be grateful for.

It’s true many in our area still have challenges to overcome as the year winds down. Economic concerns, world conflicts and the stray asteroid can leave us stressed out and worried for our future. In many ways, we remain a world divided by ideals and a nation split along political and ideological lines.

That’s why it is always welcome to reach this time of year when those divisions seem less important as we gather with loved ones to celebrate life’s joys and bounty. We still have so much and we offer our gratitude today with bowed heads and humble voices.

The staff of The Times continues a Thanksgiving tradition today with a list of the things we are thankful for ...

Clean drinking water and strong coffee.

Good colleges in our area providing leaders and thinkers for the generations to come.

Fall in Northeast Georgia. ’Nuff said.

Lower gas prices just in time for holiday travel (and let’s hope they stay there awhile).

Good roads. Sure, traffic is an issue here and in many areas, and we’d like a solution that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. But those traveling to nearby states during the holidays will find that Georgia roads still are the envy of the Southeast.

Supportive family.

Warm house and soft blankets during this cold weather.

A new home, our newest addition and for finding a very skilled surgeon. Oh, and for health insurance!

Surviving my daughter’s wedding, the Good Lord allowing me to turn 50 and a family that loves and cares for me in spite of me.

Paid holidays!

My dog and for Black Friday deals.

Hard-working public servants, both elected and appointed, particularly those in public safety. Though we often scratch our heads over what some of them do, most are dedicated professionals who serve the community well.

That I have legs and the wherewithal to move them in the right direction.

My cat. Boots. Pizza.

Having the opportunity to have met and talked to some of smartest, kindest people a city can offer, and for the warm, welcoming attitude a community with true Southern hospitality offers to out-of-staters.

Charlie, the new 4-legged addition to the family. And for Henry and Dutch Boy, the other two four-legged creatures that keep my girlfriend and I on our toes.

New friends and old — “one is silver and the other gold.”

A full Lake Lanier, boosting our water supply while providing a steady stream of visitors for area businesses who rely on them for their livelihoods.

My two front teeth, and for dental insurance.

My new job at The Times, because it means only a 4½-hour drive to see family versus a 10-hour drive.

Shedding excess baggage and making positive changes in my life.

And as always, we’re thankful for you, our loyal readers, giving us a chance to tell the stories of our community, good, and bad, every day. It’s a challenging task, but a rewarding one, and we’re grateful you allow us into your homes.

From all of us to all of you, we wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

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