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Editorial: 16 things we're thankful for this year

As part of a Thanksgiving tradition begun by the late, great Times editor Sylvan Meyer and continued by generations of editors, we’d like to share what our staff and community editorial board are thankful for this day.

  • Readers who support our work with their paid subscriptions and words of encouragement.

  • Coffee

  • Those who make the decision to adopt a furry friend at the animal shelter. The adoptee receives a cozy home and the adopter receives a forever friend.

  • The food desk in the newsroom and the staff members who put food there.

  • Jim O’Dell, who never got tired of or bothered by (or at least he didn’t show it) the countless questions and interviews from the Times over the past few months as he helped organize the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championship on Lake Lanier.

  • Those who instill in children a passion for reading. We hope the options for doing so include newspapers for many years to come.

  • Doggy daycare

  • A country that allows us to vote for the way we want our country, state, city and county to be run. I am hopeful our leaders will consider all votes when they create the laws that will govern us.

  • A family who acts as a support system so when a car breaks down, days of work and wages are not missed but instead a car, with a full tank of gas, is offered.

  • Trivia nights with work friends

  • Our hard-working Latino immigrant community, the backbone of the local poultry industry, who bring such rich culture, language and the best tacos in America to Gainesville and Hall County.

  • My wife, my on-the-way daughter, my dogs, cold beer and good weather.

  • Local businesses that provide us with jobs, good food and a variety of places to spend our free time.

  • The beginning of the holiday season, which means that I will get to see my family gathered together, decorate the tree and listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat.

  • My dog’s big brown eyes always staring at me, even though it’s a little creepy

  • A community fully vested in the concept of helping those who are in need.

Editorial board members

The Times

  • Norman Baggs, general manager
  • Shannon Casas, editor in chief


  • Cheryl Brown
  • David George
  • Mandy Harris
  • Brent Hoffman
  • Mallory Pendleton
  • J.C. Smith
  • Tom Vivelo
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