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Dear Mr. President
Local school children write to President-elect Barack Obama
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As students of Fair Street International Baccalaureate World School tuned into the first presidential election their young minds will remember, they marveled at the notion that President-elect Barack Obama will be "the boss" of our nation Tuesday.

For whatever reason, the man strikes a chord with kids.

It was with great excitement that these youngsters picked up crayons and pencils to write letters to Obama at the request of their Fair Street teachers Jennifer Nish and Tom Kirk.

The teachers said they asked their students to write letters to Obama because they've grown connected to him through their studies of the election process.

Today, we present a few of their letters, in their own words (and their own spellings).


Dear President Obama,

What is it like to be president of the United States? I think it's fun to be the boss. I bet Michelle, Malia, and Sasha were very happy when they elected you for president. I hope you can put the taxes down for I can buy some toys. How big is the White House? I live in a white house. Well, it's not a house. It's an apartment.

You Rock!!!!

Jissel Rebollar


When I was in 2nd grade last year, I began to think about running for President myself one day!

Alexandra, 8


I'd like to know how hard it is going to be to buy that dog?

Luis, 8


Dear President Obama,

You're the coolist president. Good luck at the White House. To be a president it's very hard. I hope you have a great day at the White House. I hope you spend time whith your family and work hard.

Bryan Lopez


Dear President Obama,

Can you please make one more day of school? Because I like school. So I just want one more day of school. Please President Obama, please. That's all I want now okay. Thank you so much President Obama.



I hope you will lower bills and help people

Jennifer, 8


I would love to meet your daughters

Lesley, 8


So...your name is Obama ... great name!

Emanuel, 8


My family is nice. They are the best family ever!

Christopher, 9


I like to play video games

Ulises, 9


My family thinks you will be the best President ever!

Felicitas, 8


You are my best friend.

Erick, 8


Dear President Obama,

I give you good luck and I hope you win agin! I'm happy you are our new president! How does it feel being a president. I pray for you some times win I go to sleep!

David Villagana


Dear President Barack Obama,

I want you to be the president soon because you are smart. An I want you to be a good president. An good on your family, and you are my favorite president. Your name is Barack Obama. Do you lake music? I lake music to! I'm to happy because you are the new president.

Mariela Velazquez


My family and I like to play Monopoly together. What does your family like to do?

Shavonna, 8


When I grow up I want to be a teacher

Lissette, 8


Please tell people not to do drugs

Juan, 9


I love you and hope you will be okay

Citlalli, 8


When you become our leader, I hope you are very caring

Danny, 8


Dear President Obama,

Are you going to fix the immigration? Do you and your family get their own room? How big is the room? Is the White House big or little? I hope that you can make a book. I hope that you and your family have a well time at the White House!



Please tell children not to talk to strangers, take candy from them, or go with them.

Jackie, 8


My teacher has a dog and 2 girls just like you except you are a man.

Rentavious, 8


My family came from Mexico to America.

Gabriela, 9


I hope you accomplish much more!

Camar, 8


Please be nice to the people from Mexico

Uriel, 8


Learning Spanish is cool. I wish I knew more.

Jimmy, 8


How hard was it to fight to be the President?

Cece, 9


Dear Obama,

Do you feel pressure being the president? Because I was thinking about being the president. Do you think I should? I hope that you do a good job Mr. Obama. I'm very happy that you won the election. Well, I am done writeing.

William Keith
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