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Commentary: Obama could spur recovery by relaxing grip on business
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The election is history and businesses across America know who will lead the country for the next four years. But will the tone of the second term be as harsh and demeaning about businesses and the people who run them or will President Obama finally realize that American free enterprise is the force that makes the country strong and prosperous?From a business person’s perspective, people who run Washington simply don’t understand the basic economics that every person who has ever run a company, large or small, must live by — revenue must exceed expense or you are out of business.Only in government do the economic laws exist in the state of suspended animation until the proverbial shoe drops as it is now doing in Greece and other parts of Europe.However, the real test for this administration is to recognize that business people are not evil, greedy Ebenezer Scrooges exploiting their workers to squeeze the last drop of blood from them.American businesses, big and small, care about their workers. Small businesses must compete for workers.