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Ron Martz: US has too many secrets, too many with access to them
Latest NSA leak case points out major weakness in national security clearance
This June 2017 photo released by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, shows Reality Winner. Winner, is being held for federal authorities at the Lincoln County, Ga., jail. Winner charged with leaking U.S. government secrets to a reporter poses no flight risk if she's released from pre-trial confinement, her parents said Wednesday, though they fear prosecutors will seek to use the case to send a tough message from the Trump administration.
The arrest last Monday in Augusta of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner for allegedly passing top-secret government documents to an online news site says as much about the government’s ineptitude in handing out security clearances as it does her stupidity in thinking she could get away with it. Winner’s case is not unlike that of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, the former Army private first class who gave Wikileaks nearly a quarter-million classified documents. Or that of Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, who gunned down 15 people, killing 12 of them, in 2013.