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Letter: Young people should get involved to make their world better
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We need to help the youth get on board, whether over religion, drug usage or radical political views. The youth of this city need to take a stand. We as citizens are not just solely responsible for healing your community, but are required to do so. We have the right to have opinions and the ability to preach said opinions freely.

It is crucial that our youth gets involved in government, whether if you’re a high schooler or a college student. They don’t see the big picture yet; they are too busy concerned about their social status or self-esteem. The last thing we need are more sheep, those who are easily persuaded by mainstream media, or more generalized as the uneducated voters.

But sadly, we have done this to ourselves. In the process of having elected representatives, we take out the need to keep ourselves informed. It is in human nature to evolve mentally and physically, but the idea of a progressive population means the fabrication of the future and the abandonment of the past, not just keeping status quo. And it is starting to seem more obvious that we are not learning.

This is much like political socialization we learn from the older generations like parents or even role models, creating this chain of cause and effect. Personally, I have high aspirations for myself. I am working on a campaign for city council in my district. We all have to start somewhere to get anywhere, so why not start now? Take the initiative and become aware of how we can help make a better future for Gainesville.

Ian Cooley

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