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Letter: Writers forget lessons from attacks of 9-11
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It will be comforting to me, if possible, to know readers share my sense of humor concerning comments about two contributing articles to the Jan. 28 Opinion page.

It appears, contrary to my understanding, that the “King” version completely dismisses or denies that 9-11 happened. With Iranian officials constantly condemning us with a “death to Americans” pledge and the funny-looking leader of North Korea striving to devise nuclear missiles that can be used against us, Joan King suggest we maintain a docile faction in lieu of becoming “a monster.”

My thoughts on Ann McFeatters is if she exerted some of her brilliance contemplating something positive for the U.S. instead of constantly ridiculing Donald Trump, our elected president, she might accidentally be constructive. It seems very obvious she does not seek improvement.

Do these two want us to sit back unprepared until we are struck again first, as we were on 9-11?

Since I am not a member of the Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis “bleeding heart society,” I wonder if they noticed tears on the Statue of Liberty after 9-11?

Clarence Huhman

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