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Letter: Will it take a disaster to unite us as a nation?
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The older I get, the more I’m coming to the sad realization that our country doesn’t really want to change. The voting numbers are polarized. It’s almost like we have developed a stalemate in the decision-making process. The only thing that each side can agree on is that the other side is just one small step from the psych ward.

Put more bluntly, for everyone like YOU there’s someone like ME, and everyday we grow further apart in what each of us views for the future of America.

All the situations that have developed over the decades have become so politically challenged. We as a country are facing many tough decisions. Either no one wants to make the decisions to right the ship, or we are so bogged down by the legislative process that it’s a mathematical impossibility to vote for change.

We live in a gray world. No longer is it cut-and-dried decision-making but smoke and mirrors. I’m not so sure that the information age we live in has not caused some of the problem. It’s growing more difficult each day to ascertain right from wrong, truth from fiction and good from evil.

When was the last time you heard someone give a direct answer to a difficult question? A day will come when someone is going to have to make those difficult decisions no one wants to address today.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take some kind of unprecedented disaster before we react. America as a whole will be mad, approval ratings will be high and changes will be made practically overnight instead of debated on for years.

Yes, our nation is strong. Yes, we will pull together like we did when the Greatest Generation was bonding together for a common goal, freedom. The irony of all this is the various groups and races will be standing side by side in unison to finally right the ship.

All of a sudden the color of someone’s skin will not matter. What moniker we place in front of our name will not matter. What socioeconomic background we come from will not matter. What will matter is we will be there for each other. If you don’t believe that, track down someone who has been in combat and then you will truly understand the term “us against them.”

George Bell
Flowery Branch

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