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Letter: We still should be grateful to vote despite nature of election
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The length and tenor of the current election cycle has wearied all of us, but I think that we have actually gained something in this election. Because Donald Trump does not seem to be the kind of candidate who can hide his flaws, and because advances in technology have made it possible to see the work of the Democrats behind the scenes, for the first time in my voting life — which began in 1964 — I feel that I truly know who it is I am voting for. For me, this is preferable to voting for some tricked-out imposter all gussied-up to suit our delicate sensibilities.

Voting is a decision to be made by informed adults, not hoodwinked children. I have heard some voters say they find both of our major candidates unsavory and do not want to vote for either one. However, right now all over the globe, there are Americans engaging in unpleasant activities so that we can live in beautiful Hall County in peace and contentment; in other words, it is an ugly world out there.

One of the reasons it is not so here is that there are Americans willing to take on this ugliness on our behalf. Rather than feeling soiled by having to vote in this presidential election, perhaps we should be willing to be adults and take some of the ugliness of the world on ourselves.

I am not too good to vote in this election. I am a grateful American.

Frances Fite

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