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Letter: Voters chose a president who will take us down an old path
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Most of you reading this are responsible. Most of you chose the 45th president (hereinafter referred to as 45) to lead us. It was an irrational choice and we are being led down an old path that ended in the Bush-Cheney recession (not the Great Recession, as there was nothing great about it, unless you were in a position similar to 45 and could make a lot of money off people’s suffering).

The administration that began in 2001 worked to deregulate everything they could, and passed a huge tax cut while pursuing two wars. Their “if you are not with us, you’re against us” attitude made America despised around our world. Now 45 is working to deregulate as much as possible, will propose and most likely pass a huge tax cut, is considering invading Mexico and is confronting Iran.

No. 45 is an immoral, ignorant, uninformed prevaricator. Most of you reading this are responsible for selecting him as our leader, and will no doubt experience another lesson about the jeopardy of not paying attention to recent history. In addition, our state leaders value money above human life, so they support 45. They are slow learners, and are putting all of us in jeopardy.

We will all need to be vigilant. When our vigilance is not sufficient to keep us safe, remember, most of you reading this are responsible.

Frank Lock

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