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Letter: Trumps rise a dream that would turn to nightmare if hes elected
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I awoke the other morning in a cold sweat from a horrific dream that Donald Trump was running for president and was about neck and neck with Hillary Clinton — until I accepted it was a frightful reality rather than just a bad dream. Trump is Trump, and would not change if elected president. He would react hastily or drastically to the slightest provocation with no inkling as to the possible results of his actions.

Of course, the Republican Party is responsible for the absurd nomination of Trump, with all of his propensity for hate, divisiveness, rashness and a childish labeling of adversaries to run for what is regarded as the most important position in the world. Most of the derogatory words or terms can be quite applicable to this narcissist.

The two principal reasons for the unbelievable support for Trump are 1) the insatiable desire of voters to change the current underachieving government and 2) the dislike of Clinton despite her 30 years of productive experience in government. She is by far the more qualified and stable of the two to tackle the many crises facing our nation.

So get out and vote for Clinton to save this country from a major disaster, and be aware that a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Trump.

Jim Scharnagel



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