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Letter: Trumps bad, but electing lying, corrupt Clinton could ruin nation
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I have been watching MSNBC, CNN, FOX and One America News each night to be fair in making a decision on who to vote for. I have also read up on the candidates.

I completely understand people’s views with Donald Trump’s vulgar and disgusting comments. I can also understand the fear with women now coming out with accusations to sexual assault.

What I can’t understand is that Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as the day is long. She lied to the American people, she wants to open our borders, keep Obamacare, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, all of which sounds wonderful, right? Well, it will shut this country down. She will literally destroy the USA.

You may hate Trump, but a vote for Hillary will ruin the future of this country forever.

Karen McDaniel

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