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Letter: Trumps backers need to check facts, remember history
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Thanks to The Times for the fact checking it has been doing recently. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Donald Trump’s supporters either won’t listen or don’t care. When a candidate for president says he could shoot someone in Times Square and not lose any votes, you know we’re all in trouble.

I wonder how many of Mr. Trump’s supporters are old enough to remember the 1930s when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany? I was born in ’32, but my parents saw to it that I was familiar with Hitler’s history. The man was a charismatic speaker and hugely popular with the average German. Furthermore, he had many supporters in the U.S. Only when his tanks began to roll through Belgium did they awaken to the danger.

And thanks to Dick Meyer for this week’s column, “It’s time for the Bushes to oppose Trump.” Since what goes around, comes around the Republican Party will eventually reap the whirlwind should Trump win the election. I too call on our two ex-presidents to speak out now and try to stop this rush to nationalism and mob rule.

Joan O. King


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