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Letter: Traffic, odors should lead to no vote on Mincey Marble plant expansion
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Dear Hall County commissioners: I have been a resident of Hall County for the past 10 years and have enjoyed the lake and the neighborly environment of this beautiful area. I have noticed a marked increase in traffic on Browns Bridge Road since we have been here and know that if any small incident happens between McEver Road and the bridge, the traffic will stand still for hours.

I am concerned that the new Mincey Marble facility will cause major traffic increases, which will lead to more accidents and more clogging of Browns Bridge Road.

The styrene issue speaks (smells) for itself. It should be obvious to all that even if styrene proves not to be a carcinogen, the production of styrene gas that can be observed just driving by the Mincey plant is something that should not be allowed in a residential/agricultural neighborhood. I can not imagine having to endure that odor any time I want to go outside my house.

It is for these reasons that I plead with you commissioners to vote no on the issue of expanding Mincey Marble onto Browns Bridge Road or any other property in this residential Lake Lanier area.

Jo Tieslau

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