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Letter: The intellectuals way has led us to huge government deficits
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Most of the recent presidents have been from Ivy League Schools and that supposedly meant they received the best education available. These educated presidents consequently appointed economists who came from the best business schools around. These blue-blooded elitists filled their cabinets with the brightest and most able people in America to insure that we would have a nation which produced prosperity and well-being for all.

So far, it sure does sound great having all these intellectuals around to save the “great unwashed” dumb people like us, right?

Unfortunately, something occurred which makes these presidents who were educated at Ivy Schools and their intellectuals look like they are the ones who are dumb. You might ask, what in the world are they teaching in these prestigious schools since these elites seem to be lost as to what to do to straighten out the boondoggle they have created? For example, at last count, over 94 million Americans who want to work have given up hope of finding a job. Disgraceful!

In the eighth grade, I learned that if you spend more than you take in you run a deficit. These intellectuals must have skipped the eighth grade and did not learn that elementary economic fact. Could that be the reason we now have a $19 trillion deficit? And, that deficit is projected to reach over $22 trillion soon after Barack Obama leaves office.

What I am saying is that we tried the blue-blood way and the intellectual way and it has not worked. What we need is a good old case of common sense, and a successful business person to lead us out of this mess created by intellectuals who have never learned anything outside of the classroom and never had a business or created a job.

So college grads, if your dream is to live at home with your mom and dad while you beg for a job that does not exist due to Obama’s government regulations which stymies jobs, vote for Hillary Clinton, who just loves Obama’s way of doing things.

Jim Threlkeld

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