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Letter: State should offer services to repay brave veterans sacrifices
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The following is submitted for everyone’s approval:

• The American flag should fly in front of every business, on Veterans Day as well as Memorial Day.

• All veterans should have medical care and medicine for free, funded by a weekly amount from the Megabucks or Powerball games in the amount of $1 million or more every week, and approved by the governor, with hope other states will join Georgia to provide free medical services, medicine and care for all of their state’s veterans.

• All medical claims by Georgia doctors or hospitals on behalf of veterans will be sent to the state’s veterans administration for processing and payment.

• Veterans will have food stamps when they or any member of their family is in need, and will receive a food stamps coupon book once a month for six months or less time, if needed. This will be given to them at the grocery store by requesting the service, without question.

• Each restaurant will provide a dollar menu or price reduction for all veterans and their families.

• Homestead exemption has been in effect for a long time, but additional help with down payments and financing would help veterans and service personnel tremendously with the provision of the lease security and first month’s rent paid. This could also be funded by the lottery or various organizations in the community, by using at least a percentage of the money to be given each month to the Georgia Department of Veterans Services.

• Assistance with all veterans’ moving expenses, whether they are currently in service or discharged.

• Veterans will be extended additional credit for buying a car with only a small down payment or no down payment and free service for any and all car repairs.

• All service personnel and their families will be given free medical care at any facility anywhere in the U.S. and on bases abroad.

• When men and women sign up for the military, they will be given a Class A medical pass for themselves and their families. This will allow the invoice for medical care for all service personnel to be sent to Veterans Services for payment in full.

• All life insurance is provided by Veterans Services, $50,000 for each service personnel when joining the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard for the remainder of their lives.

I hope at least the medical services and benefits can be given to all our vets. They saved our lives!

Thank you for your help. We need to look after the ones that looked after us.

Judy Manke

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