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Letter: Shame on those who left dog by roadside
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A few weeks ago, a small white dog with speckled ears showed up in our neighborhood on Florence Drive. A driver was seen letting it out of his car and driving off.

All efforts to capture the dog, either by Animal Control or neighbors willing to adopt him, failed. The Animal Control officer even took the time to get on the ground eye level to the little dog, trying to coax it to him. The little guy kept going back to the spot on our street where he was abandoned, likely hoping his owner would come back to get him.

So the weeks passed, no one was able to capture him, and he wandered the neighborhood, homeless. A few days ago he was hit and killed on Browns Bridge Road.

To the owner who abandoned this little guy, shame on you for being too irresponsible to see that he had a chance for a forever home with someone who would love him. You could have given him a chance, either through the Humane Society or Hall County Animal Shelter.

What a shame; we are all so sad.

Patricia Warden

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