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Letter: Second opinion cant hurt when dealership advises pricey fixes
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I took our van to a local dealership for a recall repair. In addition to the repair, they did an unsolicited vehicle inspection. I was told the van has a leaky valve cover gasket, $655 to repair, a leaky transmission pan, $195 to repair, and it needed rear brake pads, no quote.

Our van mostly sits in our carport. I have never seen a drop of transmission oil or motor oil on my carport. All I have ever seen was water from the air conditioner.

In my humble opinion, if “leaks” are not sufficient to cause a few drops on concrete, it is not worth $850 to fix them.
I suggest always getting a second opinion before letting dealerships do work you are not sure is needed. Often there will be a need, and a second opinion will confirm that.

Mike McConnell