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Letter: Renamed road should celebrate all of Deshaun Watsons talents
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A proclamation to rename Touchdown Drive to Deshaun Watson Drive is missing an opportunity to tell it all and still hit the mark. Bureaucracy very seldom looks outside the box, so this probably hasn’t been considered. Therefore, I would like to suggest these options to capture the full magnitude of this multitalented young man.

Consider the fact that Deshaun can run — oh how he can run! And yes, he can pass. Lastly, he can certainly drive his team down the field all the while driving defenses crazy! Regardless, the full measure of naming the street should encompass these attributes. True, it may require somewhat of a lengthier sign, but it will, I think it appropriate and duly deserved. After all, he can also “go outside the box.”

So I suggest changing the street to Deshaun Watson Run Pass Drive. The brand he will continue to acquire and bring acclaim to Gainesville will be forever etched upon the sign.

Ron Jordan
Flowery Branch

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