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Letter: Playing stats, details out of place in story of coachs ouster
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I read with great sadness, but not much surprise, at the mitigation provided to former West Hall High School boys basketball coach Zac Swansey in the article about his resignation.

Though noting that his termination was based on allegations for which there are no corresponding convictions or guilty pleas is the right practice in America, I would argue the inclusion of playing statistics, career highlights and other amateur career details does more harm than good.

Including such information dilutes the severity of the charges and minimizes the lifelong effects of being manipulated by a person in a position of authority. It ignores the ethical and tireless efforts of scores of faculty and staff members, community stakeholders, sponsors and other school supporters who work in good faith to ensure the right school environment for students, and greatly diminishes the harm caused to us by these allegations.

And regardless of the outcome in the court of law, the damage in the court of public opinion to the reputation and lives of many people is done. There is no excuse for including unrelated information that tempers that damage. The students of West Hall deserve better from this paper just as they deserved better from Mr. Swansey.

Adam Johnson