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Letter: Picturing next Clinton regime paints a rather gloomy picture
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What might a third Clinton White House regime look like?

A rerun of past eight years of divisiveness, picking America apart and ripping what’s left of our Judeo-Christian culture to shreds. People asking: Do we have to hear daily about the activities of this couple of greedy cronies? Wasn’t the two-term ’90s enough?

So, fast forward:

Squeezed, marginalized and heavily taxed, the middle class continues to shrink. Minorities remain loyal, but are restless. The regime blames dissatisfaction and violence on anyone but itself, and uses the new federal police force to keep a tight rein.

With higher taxes and spending killing the economy, it’s time for the tail to wag the dog. An “in America’s interest” limited war on foreign soil ought to do the trick. So we lose a few thousand young Americans; the end always justifies the means, doesn’t it? The occupant of the Oval Office muses: Once we get the economy rolling, what difference does it make?

Speech Czar Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren posts speech guidelines and lists of banned words at offices and websites of all levels of government, public schools and universities. The Department of Justice, under carryover Attorney General Loretta Lynch (surprise!), broadcasts dire warning that any violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Gun registration and regulations are so strict and onerous that many do not even bother to purchase their first weapon. Present gun owners are constantly looking over their shoulders. As ambassador to the United Nations, Debbie Schultz, heads efforts to bring the U.S. under UN mandate to ban citizen ownership of firearms.

With open borders, illegal aliens are pouring into the U.S. The regime grants lavish entitlements, triggering more frequent tax hikes and increases in the federal budget and national debt.

The regime removes any quota on refugees and forces their settlement in many small towns, regardless of state opposition. At the same time, the regime designates two sanctuary cities in every state, to ensure that noncitizen felons are not deported and that no voters are lost for Democrats.

American citizens form local militias to combat the crime and assaults perpetrated by refugees and illegal immigrants. The federal police force monitors militias more closely than noncitizen, criminal gangs.

NASA is renamed New Alliance for Sharing America and works in tandem with the Muslim Brotherhood to enhance Islamic relations. What is NASA’s mission? That’s classified.

Amnesty is granted to 15 million illegal aliens, so that a perpetual Democratic regime is assured. Still, the DNC is actively soliciting donations for the next presidential campaign. After all, if the Clintons end this term dead broke, they’ll need a little something to live on.

Gary Hulsey

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