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Letter: Parents should give their children the right priorities from the start
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The reason God expelled Satan from heaven is because his priorities and motives were all wrong. This is what happened to the first family in the garden of paradise, between Cain and Abel and God’s priorities and motives seen in Noah in building the ark.

The home is the most important institution in any civilization. There is a difference between a house and a home. The father and mother are parents of their children. They should teach their children how to choose the right motives and priorities in life.

These values need to be taught to children while they are still in their playpens so parents don’t have to visit them in the state pens. We should give them more of what they need than what they want.

Your children are always searching and seeking love and acceptance. If they don’t find it in the home, they often will find it in the wrong places with the wrong people. Their teenage years can be very confusing as they are changing mentally and physically, called the “stormy years.” This is when they think they know everything and that their parents know nothing and are out of date with what is happening now.

Consider these lessons of life:

• The rewards of keeping the faith.

• Don’t let where you are stop you from being who you are.

• No person can control your faith, but God does.

• Knowing God is better than knowing answers.

• God is not arbitrary or uncaring; pain isn’t always punishment. The two examples were Job and Joseph.

I know that I have more years in back of me than in front of me. I know there is a time of coming when I will talk it over in the by-and-by.

“We’ll talk it over in the by-and-by.

We’ll talk it over, my Lord and I.

I’ll ask the reasons, He’ll tell me why.

When we talk it over in the by-and-by.”

Mordecai Wilson

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