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Letter: Miss Beth at Parks and Rec one of Gainesvilles greatest jewels
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As a lifetime resident of Gainesville-Hall County, I am especially aware of, and grateful for, all of the “pluses” that make our community an unbelievably great place to raise a family. Despite what sometimes seems to be unbridled and unnecessary growth, we still retain so very much of the small-town qualities and caring attitude that makes the community a premier place to put down roots.

While we can attribute much to the ideal location near the lake and being just at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and to the great schools, wonderful churches and superior medical facilities, it is really the people who make Gainesville-Hall County the crowning jewel that it is.

For these wonderful personalities, we are eternally grateful. And, no one fits into the “wonderful” category more than Beth Morris, “Miss Beth,” who has served us so fantastically well as a main-stay with the Gainesville Park and Recreation Department.

If you are out at one of Park and Rec’s youth games and can’t recognize her, well, she’s the little short lady with kids hanging off of her and hugging her. The minute she shows up, she is lovingly “attacked” by herds of sweaty, game dirt-stained youngsters and she returns every hug and grungy kiss.

I know this to be true because our daughter Erin Still was one of those “raised” by Miss Beth. Erin loved her then and loves her now! And then Erin’s and Blue’s two boys, Ben and Jackson, followed in their mom’s footsteps and became proud members of those kids who could not wait to “go see Miss Beth” when she showed up at their games. For certain, Miss Beth always showed up at the games.

Beth has been the most positive example for several generations of Gainesville Boys and girls AND their parents.

Now within our family, we see one more instance where this wonderful public servant is making a profound difference. Older grandson, Ben, and his baseball-buddy Charlie Wall are now working for Beth officiating the little folks football. They could not be happier. Working for Miss Beth, the boys say, is the very best.

We just want to say “thank you” to Miss Beth even though that seems terribly inadequate for someone who has devoted her life to providing fun and great guidance, to Gainesville’s youngsters. We just hope and pray that this great lady will be around for another generation of kids.

Bimbo and Nancy Brewer

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