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Letter: Many tubing on Chattahoochee are violating the beauty of river
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I have read a comment made on the Times’ webpage about the tubing on the Chattahoochee River and it says exactly what I have been thinking for many years now and should have already sent this letter to the editor about my feelings.

It disgusts me to ride through Helen and see our beautiful Chattahoochee River violated in such a manner. There are thousands of people in that river on a daily basis for months and no one can tell me or convince me they get out of their tubes and go to a restroom.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of gallons of human waste going in that river daily and I refuse to even go near it now. We, too, own Chattahoochee River property just a few miles from Helen, and the EPA and the Chattahoochee Riverkeepers are adamant about how it is used, what you can build and how close to the river you build it.

They keep saying it is a protected trout stream. How can it be protected with all the tubers tromping through it daily, tearing up the trout eggs that are laid and them using it for a restroom?

We used to love to trout fish up there, but now you can’t and that saddens me horribly. My grandmother used to live on the river right behind Betty’s Country Store and my memories of those days are so good, but they have been marred by the activity there now.

Nancy Gravitt

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