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Letter: Leaders should take sensible steps to lower US health costs
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Our country is going the way of Greece and nobody seems willing to let our political leaders curb how much they spend. Hopefully someone, especially our federal and state political leaders, will consider the following and suggest ways to actually reduce the cost of health care.

To reduce cost of doctors and clinics, their rates should be posted publicly. We should pay a premium if we use those that are more expensive. Some doctors will lower their rates if this is done.

Too much of the cost of medicine and businesses goes to defending unjustified lawsuits. This is a state issue. Some lawsuits are just legal extortion. “Loser pays” would allow good lawsuits to go forward but make lawyers think twice before suing without merit. Allowing all true expenses but capping punitive expenses should also be considered. When I have a choice, I will not vote for a lawyer for state political office until we have some kind of reasonable tort reform.

The FDA procedures need review. I am under the impression that some people have died because the FDA denied them drugs that have been approved in other countries and might have saved them. If a person is going to die if they do not get even an experimental drug, why not at least let them try the drug if they choose?

Drug companies have to make a profit to be viable but some charge ridiculous prices. What legislation can be written to encourage competition? No matter how good a drug is, it is no help if a person cannot afford it.

I hope some of our politicians address these issues that it seems would lower actual health care costs. That is better than making our children pay the excesses as we will never pay our national debt.

Mike McConnell

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