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Letter: Leaders in Congress vote against smaller government, deficits
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Recently on a local radio station, I listened to Rep. Doug Collins attempt to explain why he supported a spending bill which adds an estimated $57 billion to the national debt. This a debt that our children and our grandchild will be facing. It is totally unfair to burden them with this massive debt.

Not only did Congressman Collins vote to punish your children and grandchildren, Sens. David Purdue and Johnny Isakson did the same thing by casting their vote for more spending.

Here are the facts: All three of these elected officials promised that if we would vote for them they would be for smaller government and not increase the national debt.

Ladies and gentlemen of Georgia, you have just been lied to.

If you wonder why Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are leading in the Republican polls, the above is a great example. Maybe one of those gentlemen is honest!

Jim Threlkeld

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