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Letter: Its time to abandon our political correctness, speak out boldly
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“Retaking America” is a fascinating book about how political correctness is destroying our nation. Author Nick Adams, a young Australian who now resides in America and loves the founding principles of our republic, states: “Political correctness is one of the major reasons why Europe today is lifeless. I believe America is about 10 years behind the U.K. in the political correctness stakes. I came to America for the American dream — and to escape political correctness.”

Part of Adams’ strategy for retaking America is to urge others to speak out boldly and publicly about the evils of political correctness. So in case you haven’t noticed, the politically correct name-callers are quite busy appeasing certain special interests lest we offend or profile anyone. Common sense is no longer common. For example:

Islamic terrorists are killing thousands of innocent people, including Americans, but when we call out these fanatics for what they really are, we’re called Islamophobes.

Men can legally marry men and women can legally marry women, but when we dare to defend traditional marriage, we’re tagged as homophobes.

School children are told to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with instead of the one on their birth certificates, but when we complain about federal government overreach, we’re viewed as judgmental and intolerant.

President Barack Obama, a so-called constitutional lawyer, has trampled upon the U.S. Constitution with a bevy of major executive orders, but if we criticize him, we’re branded as racists.

Obamacare was rammed through Congress to help America’s uninsurable citizens (about 10 percent of the population), but if we object to this unpopular, unaffordable and unsustainable law, we’re pegged as heartless human beings.

Abortion-on-demand is the preferred means of birth control for some women, but if we champion the sanctity of life for the unborn, we’re accused of waging war on women. Isn’t it interesting hypocritical Hillary Clinton doesn’t talk about Bill’s war on women when he occupied the White House?

Illegal immigrants are streaming into America and costing taxpayers dearly, but if we condemn this criminal activity, we’re cast as being unsympathetic to foreigners seeking the American dream.

Universities are happy to accommodate unruly liberal activists, but if peaceful conservatives show up to voice their opinions, we’re shouted down, called nasty names and sometimes banned from their campuses.

There’s a double standard concerning the First Amendment, which includes the right to free speech. Liberals, including most of the media, can say most anything they want without fear of reprisal. But when conservatives, especially Christians, speak out about controversial issues, we’re castigated and some are even fired from their jobs.

To the politically correct people who are destroying America, you should read everything you can on the founding fathers to learn what a common sense approach these wise men had towards an enduring, free republic. Then, if your heart isn’t changed about the exceptional heritage of our homeland, please move to another country. Delta is ready when you are!

Dick Biggs

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