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Letter: Its nice to have a president who supports our freedom of faith
President Donald Trump speaks June 8 at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road To Majority conference in Washington. - photo by Patrick Semansky

After reflecting on what President Donald Trump said at last month's evangelical gathering, I was aware I had seen a miracle: a politician, newly dubbed, striving to keep his campaign promises. I felt for the first time in eight years we had someone in the swamp who had our best interest on his agenda. He has our backs and not our throats.

Since when have you heard big government will not tell us where, when or to whom we should or should not worship? Wouldn’t it be a delight to have prayer at your son’s football game or your daughter’s basketball game? What a blessing not to fear school authorities will be sued by the ACLU after commencement services when someone had recited the Lord’s Prayer.

We hear every night on the evening news about immigration and the problems it has generated without the proper restrictions. This is especially true in Europe, and I fear it will be case here if we don’t take preventive measures, sooner not later. As the president pointed out, people who come to this country ought to come with the mindset they are going to change and assimilate, not us. I think it makes sense to be assured people who come here from the seven countries named in the temporary stay be thoroughly vetted. If this can’t be done, they don’t come. When the bull is out of the barn it doesn’t help much to close the gate.

It was good news to know we have a president who understands what veterans are dealing with and what needs to be done to get the system properly functioning. Being able to eliminate the deadwood will be a great help. There are many good, dedicated people in Veterans Affairs, but those who aren’t should take note.

After hearing the speech I felt the little people are going to be heard — those with grease on their hands and manure on their boots — and it’s about time. I think this is why Mr. Trump is the president; he heard, Hillary Clinton didn’t. I believe he also is aware that all lives matter, even those in the womb. Planned Parenthood needs to go!

On health care, the Democrats gave birth to a four-headed snake called Obamacare that is going to slide down a nasty financial sewer. You would think they would be eager to be a part of solving the problem but they continue to be the problem. It seems Republicans are going to end up feeding and owing this snake that has affected everyone in the country to some degree, and the Dems would like nothing more. In the meantime, a lot of people are going to suffer. Wonder if the Dems have given this much thought?

I would respectfully suggest Mr. Trump dial back a bit on the tweets. Some of them fall under the category of high-tech foot shooting. Also, it appears the “bottom” must be a great place to be because everyone in the” swamp” says they are trying to get us there.

Gary Gambrell

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