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Letter: Iran giveaway, presidential race show why US is headed awry
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I believe most would agree that something very wrong is going on; our society and our nation is going straight to hell in a handbasket. I don’t see any significant evidence of real outrage on the part of Americans or the people we elect to go to Washington to represent our interests.

I just watched our president deliver his last State of the Union speech. Barack Obama ensured of how safe and secure our nation has become for everyone, under his administration. He went into some detail to describe how well our national economy is recovering. According to him everything is lovely.

Obviously he’s unaware of the 96 million Americans who are out of work, still; our national debt has nearly doubled under his watch; wages for the average family are well below what they were before he took office; and the list goes on.

Obama and the Secretary of State John Kerry are gloating on their “supposed” great success in striking a deal with our devote enemies, the Iranians. Initially, our government swore that they would never allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon but things have changed. As the Iranians filled the streets, chanting “death to Americans,” our illustrious secretary of state was in negotiation to remove all sanctions against Iran, plus he made them a gift of billions of dollars to fund their nuclear ambitions and terrorist murderers worldwide.

Obama and Kerry raise stupidity and incompetence to a new all time high. We got nothing in exchange.

We are now about to enter another presidential election. For the Democrats, we have a devout socialist, Bernie Sanders opposing a possible future inmate, Hillary Clinton, who could be facing indictment for violation of national security. On the other side, the Republicans offer us Donald Trump, with all his “pie in the sky” plans and promises on how he will make America into a glorious utopian society. Just how he intends to implement all that he promises, only God knows.

Folks, we’re in deep trouble with the listed choices we have. As a Christian, I believe that if America has any semblance of a chance to turn around and recover, the real solution can be found in God’s holy word. 1 Chronicles 7-14.

Mickey Montgomery

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Editor's note: This letter includes a correction from an earlier version that included the wrong Scripture reference in the final sentence.

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