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Letter: Inauguration draws little interest inside area restaurant
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I was excited about watching our new president get sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. At lunch, I made it a point to pick a restaurant that had TVs so that I could watch the ceremonies. The place I picked had it going on, all the TVs were tuned to various affiliates covering the swearing-in festivities as to get several perspectives. They even had the closed caption on so that if you wanted to you could keep up with the sound that was missing. My hat goes off to this restaurant because it was well prepared.

After both swearing-ins were finished, Donald Trump gave his inaugural speech. I sat basically on the edge of my seat reading every word on the screen. I kept thinking that it sure is nice to hear a president tell it like it is without mixing political jargon.

Now, I am aware that half of the population wishes Trump was not elected. The truth of the matter is I probably had some of the same feelings eight years ago when Barack Obama was elected that nonsupporters of Trump had today. With all of that said, what I observed during my lunch was appalling, as well downright unpatriotic.

As I looked around the room of over 50 people — yes, I counted — only two other people even bothered to look up as see what was happening. Are you kidding me? Hardly anyone was even interested in the inauguration. Sheer numbers dictate that 25 of the people eating were Trump voters. Not even a glance, it was as if it were just another day, nothing special.

That unfortunately is where our country sits today. I don’t have the time or space to try to explain this phenomenon. However, I bet when Trump addresses the nation in 100 days, the interest will be through the roof for two reasons. His voters will be dancing in the streets with the fire and vigor of a Super Bowl champion, while his naysayers will be so angry they will be taking to the street promoting revolt and dissension.

Ah, democracy. Isn’t it great?

George Bell
Flowery Branch

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