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Letter: Hall commission gave in to money interests over its Mincey decision
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Something stinks more than styrene in Hall County. Look no further than the Hall commissioners’ office to find the source. There is absolutely no logical explanation for the approval of the rezoning of Mincey Marble’s property other than money and power prevails over the will of the majority of the people, again!

County commissioners should be ashamed for failure to stand for what I believe to be the correct decision for the welfare of this county and its residents. There is no reasonable argument to the contrary in doubling the size of the existing factory that belches styrene into the air we breath on a residential peninsula on Lake Lanier. It’s not a good job of representing the people that elected them, but a very good job of catering to those with wealth and power. After all, it is the American way.

I own Flow Technology, a small family-owned business directly next to Mincey. For years, we endured the dust and filth generated by dump truck after dump truck as they filled the hole on which this factory will be constructed. I am directly downwind from this property on most days. Did we complain? No. For years, we have tolerated the smell of styrene in the morning. Did we dare complain? No. I was raised southern Christian and we have, and will remain a good neighbor.

Do I have issues with Mincey? At the present, no. The issue is the ridiculous decision our elected officials just made. Hall County residents must take note of this decision. We must find out what truly drove this decision because, as stated earlier, there is absolutely no justifiable reason other than the almighty dollar. Integrity can’t be bought and sold. The orchestrated display did not fool us all. We will all be held accountable one day for our actions and those commissioners who orchestrated this ruse should be ashamed.

David Nichol
Hall County

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