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Letter: Guns on campuses will create problems, not solve them
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Gov. Deal: I hope you follow your former wisdom and again veto the bill to permit gun carry on campus.

First, there is the problem of logistics. Students can’t carry guns in rooming establishments, so where will the guns be safely deposited? Some classrooms will not accept gun carry. Who will be hired to check in the guns in those classrooms?

Sporting events will not allow gun carry. Again, who and how will the guns be checked in? Guns, however, will be permitted during the heavy flow of student traffic between classes. Would gun availability contribute to the solution or to the problem?

Second, the most likely use of a gun in our society is to commit suicide. The most likely age group to commit suicide with a gun (not counting the 20 suicides a day by veterans) is the age group between 15 and 24. Would more guns be a solution?

Third, studies show that the brains of those 18-25 years old are not fully developed in recognizing future consequences of their decision-making. A crucial part of the brain, which asks, “Is this really a good decision?” is not yet fully connected. That helps explain the risk-taking by this age group: beer binging, unsafe sex, etc.

Should students have access to guns to kill a roommate who steals his girlfriend? Is it worth taking a life if someone harasses you? Should a gun be available if some professor hands you a bad grade? Would guns create more or less safety?

Should the professors all pack heat to keep order in the classroom? Would more guns create more order? I don’t think so.

Maybe next the Georgia legislature would suggest tanks and cannon-loaded army trucks to break up student fights on campus. They are already suggesting we use a figurative sledgehammer to solve a problem that only needs some adult reasoning and a drop of ink from your pen.

As governor, you have the opportunity to preserve the dignity of our state.

Calvin King

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